Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Human Growth Hormone Boosters Improve Your Work Performance?

Human growth hormone has become increasingly sought after over the last decade. Anti-aging clinics frequently dispense synthetic human growth hormone to their male patients who are seeking out treatments to improve their work performance. However, like all synthetic hormone replacement therapies, there are significant side effects. A growing number of men are now asking for alternatives, such as human growth hormone boosters, to give them the hormone jumpstart they need to excel on the job.

Human growth hormone boosters are unlike synthetic hormone replacement therapies because they are not actual forms of the hormone. Rather, they are formulated to increase natural production of the hormone to offer health benefits such as increased muscle mass, improved focus, and lower body fat. These benefits can be amplified when they’re combined with a natural testosterone booster. Many men find that a natural human growth hormone booster with testosterone boosting ingredients such as GHT Male from Nature’s Plus can give them the extra energy and sense of well-being they need to substantially improve their work performance.

With more energy, better focus, and a body that is working as efficiently as it did years ago, men often find they are better able to manage the daily challenges they face in a demanding career.

Without the substantial risks associated with synthetic HGH replacement therapy, human growth hormone boosters offer a safer alternative that can also deliver benefits that can be felt both in and out of the office. As well, they are available over the counter at a price that is substantially less than prescription therapies.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Use a Natural T Booster to Overcome Fatigue

According to the Mayo Clinic, men lose approximately one percent of their testosterone each year after the age of 30. In other words, a man in his 70s can expect to have about 50 percent of the testosterone he did when he was a young man. The loss of male sex hormone, which is often referred to as male menopause, can cause a number of symptoms including fatigue. Because of this, many men seek out treatments such as testosterone replacement therapy or natural T booster supplements to combat undesirable symptoms.

Hormone Shifts Cause Fatigue
Why men experience fatigue as testosterone levels drop is not completely understood, but there are some theories currently being investigated. A University of California, Santa Barbara study showed that testosterone is a vital component of the body’s immune response. Thus, as testosterone levels decline, the body compensates by redistributing its energy resources to the immune system which can have a negative effect on overall energy level.

Sleep Disturbances
A drop in testosterone can also cause nightly sleep interruptions and disruption. This obviously can lead to daytime fatigue. Insomnia and an inability to stay asleep can cause many men to seek out help.

Hormone Replacement Therapy vs. Natural T Booster
Are you a man who is feeling chronic fatigue? It may be time to consult your doctor. A quick, simple blood test can determine if low testosterone might be the cause. If you are diagnosed with low T, you will want to discuss the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy. Because there are many side effects to synthetic testosterone, an herbal T booster that contains testosterone promoting ingredients may be a better choice.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Natural T Supplement May Increase Success in Non-Competitive Activities

Some well-known professional athletes have been in the news a considerable amount over the last several years for taking illegal performance-enhancing drugs. These include synthetic hormones such as testosterone. The reason top athletes will gamble with their careers by taking hormone therapies is because the benefits can be so substantial on the field. The benefits of increased strength and stamina are undeniable. The off-the-field benefits can also be substantial. These can include improved memory, stamina, and focus. For non-athletes, these non-athletic benefits can often be had by taking a natural T supplement along with making some lifestyle modifications.

In a 2013 University of Santa Barbara study of farmers living in central Bolivia, data was published showing increased testosterone levels were found in men who were involved in physically demanding tasks necessary to farming and food production. While these men also saw increases while playing competitive sports, they were at their highest while working.

This showed that a spike in testosterone increases a man’s muscles’ ability to take in blood sugar to enhance performance and reaction times – whether for competing or being productive at work.

For men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone, a natural T supplement can help tackle symptoms that can cause work-related issues. By enabling the body to naturally produce more testosterone, a T supplement with ingredients such as zinc aspartate and fenugreek can offer the benefits of higher testosterone without the side effects associated with synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

Natural T Supplement + Lifestyle Modification
The UCSB study clearly showed that physical activity boosts testosterone – whether that’s competitive sports or manual labor. Thus, any man who wants to increase testosterone would be wise to incorporate both endurance and strength training into their daily routine. A well-balanced diet, stress management, regular sleep can also help support healthy testosterone production. Combined with a natural T supplement, these lifestyle modifications can jumpstart testosterone production to improve performance at work, the gym, or at home.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

T Boosters: A Safer Solution for Increasing Testosterone

Federal investigators will be convening in the next month to investigate the cardiovascular risks of prescription testosterone therapy treatments as testosterone lawsuits advance in U.S. District Court. The investigation is in response to a 2013 FDA study that showed a 30% increase in the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death in men using testosterone therapies. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) warned the public of the potential risks associated with testosterone drugs. For many men who are at greater risk of cardiovascular conditions, T boosters are a safer alternative for treating the symptoms of low testosterone.

Currently testosterone therapies have FDA approval only for men who are documented to have a low level of natural testosterone and suffer from specific symptoms. However, it is frequently being prescribed to men who have never had their testosterone checked. In fact, the study showed that as many as 25% of the men who are currently on testosterone drugs have never had their testosterone levels tested. Men who have suffered a heart attack or stroke while using testosterone therapy may have grounds to file a lawsuit.

If you have symptoms of low testosterone such as decreased libido, low energy, a decline in muscle mass, and difficulty focusing, it is wise to consult with your doctor to first determine if low testosterone is the cause. If you are diagnosed with low testosterone based upon test results, it’s wise to carefully evaluate the side effects of hormone replacement therapy. If you are at risk of heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular condition, you may want to consider natural T boosters instead which pose little risk.

With a formula of natural testosterone promoting ingredients like zinc aspartate and fenugreek, you can safely jumpstart testosterone production without having to worry about being at increased risk for a heart attack or stroke.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Increase Muscle Strength Naturally with Testosterone Boosters

Have you noticed your biceps looking a little less than “buffed” these days? Are those barbells that were once easy to lift making you weak in the knees? If your muscles are not what they used to be, it may be worthwhile to investigate testosterone boosters.

Medical experts know that testosterone is very important to muscle growth in men. The hormone works by binding to the receptors inside your muscle cells. Receptors that are bound to testosterone become messengers that tell a man’s DNA to make more proteins which enable more powerful muscle contraction. It’s this contraction of muscles that make them bigger. In other words, testosterone literally signals the body to make muscles grow bigger, stronger, and faster.

Increasing Testosterone
As men age, testosterone naturally begins to drop off. What many men are surprised to find out is this decrease in muscle mass can begin as early as the late 20s. A simple blood test can determine if testosterone levels are low. If they are, there are options for getting levels up.

Synthetic testosterone is one option. It is definitely an effective treatment for boosting testosterone in men. However, it doesn’t come without some significant considerations. These include the possibility of serious side effects such as fluid retention, liver toxicity, fertility problems, sleep apnea, and enlargement of breasts. In some cases, synthetic testosterone can promote the growth of cancerous prostate cells. Synthetic testosterone is also costly and requires a prescription.

How Testosterone Boosters Work
A less risky and costly option is the use of natural testosterone boosters. These herbal formulas contain ingredients that have been shown to promote the natural production of testosterone in men. These include zinc aspartate, calcium, and fenugreek.

For many men, a few lifestyle changes and a regular regime of testosterone boosters is enough to start seeing significant improvement in muscle development. These changes also come without the high price and the side effects.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Using Natural T Supplements to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease in Older Men

In a study conducted at the National Institute of Aging, a link was found between low free testosterone levels in men and an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This finding has led to some men with a family history of Alzheimer’s disease choosing to add natural T supplements to their diet.

“The finding that low free testosterone might be associated with an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease is a step forward in helping to understand the possible effects of sex hormones on the aging brain and other parts of the body,” said Susan Resnick, Ph.D. an investigator in the NIA’s Laboratory of Personality and Cognition and author of the study.

Because the link between low testosterone and Alzheimer’s disease is still being studied, medical experts are not at the point of recommending hormonal therapy to men. With some serious potential side effects, the risks could outweigh the benefits of hormone replacement therapy.

Using Natural T Supplements
For men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone and have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease, natural T supplements may be a safe way to increase testosterone levels – particularly when it’s used in conjunction with lifestyle changes.

The researchers on the study found that for every 50 percent increase in the free testosterone index in the bloodstream, there was a 26 percent decrease in the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. The study also showed that older men who had high levels of circulating free testosterone had better visual and verbal memory and performed spatial tasks more adeptly than men with lower levels.

Adding natural T boosters, such as T Male Liquid by Nature’s Plus, can help support natural testosterone production and may be beneficial to long-term health.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

8 Ways HGH Boosters May Improve Your Life!

Are you feeling sluggish, tired, or just not yourself these days? The stresses of everyday life combined with aging can decrease your body’s ability to produce human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone. With lower levels of these essential hormones, energy, strength, and vitality can be significantly reduced. HGH boosters, such as GHT Male from Nature’s Plus that also contains a testosterone booster, support your body’s ability to naturally produce HGH and testosterone. They are helping many men combat these hormonal shifts with a variety of benefits:
  1. More Energy and Strength
  2. Enhanced Blood Sugar Control
  3. Added Endurance
  4. Healthier Brain Function
  5. Improved Muscle and Bone Health
  6. Healthier Hair, Skin, and Nails
  7. Increased Libido
  8. Stronger Immune System
GHT Male leverages the synergistic benefits of improving both testosterone and HGH levels together to provide total body vitality with a variety of natural ingredients that have been shown to support healthy hormone production.

How Natural HGH Boosters Work
  • Maximizing free radical elimination
  • Improving amino acid nutrition
  • Neutralize free fatty acid blockade
  • Supercharge L-dopa levels
  • Increased insulin-like growth factor 1
  • Increased osteoblast and chondrocyte activity
  • Enhanced muscle gene expression
HGH boosters are most effective when they are used in conjunction with healthy lifestyle changes. These include eating a balanced diet and getting adequate exercise and sleep each day. Stress management is also crucial as high levels of stress have been shown to significantly hinder the body’s ability to produce both HGH and testosterone.

If you’re feeling symptoms that may signal loss of testosterone and HGH production, it’s well worth it to discuss them with your healthcare provider. Simple tests can determine your hormone levels. If you’ve ruled out other health problems, you may benefit from the addition of HGH boosters to your daily routine.